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Interactive features of this site can't work without a cookie, which is used for keeping your session's state. Cookie is a pair of a name and a value, which is stored within your browser. The browser sends the cookies it has for a particular site along with each request to the site. On this site we do no tracking and we don't set any cookies unless instructed by the user. All the site features, except the interactive features, are available without setting cookies. You can use the «Back» button to return to the previous page, or jump to the main page and continue to read the site's content without setting the cookie; you will only be unable to leave comments, send messages and the like. If you need some interactive features later, the site will offer to set the cookie again.

You can set the cookie by pressing the button below. Exactly one cookie will be sent to your browser, it will be named thalassa_sessid; its value will consist of two tokens separated with underscore, both generated randomly, one of them changing every time you request interactive pages of the site, the other part remaining unchanged during your whole session (until you close the session explicitly or it times out). The server uses it to tell your requests from others' requests, and the changing part of the cookie's value helps to avoid unauthorized use of a cookie sniffed on its way between the server and your browser.

You can remove the cookie from your browser at any time; all interactive page of the site display a button for it. Using your browser's menus, you can see we do everything honestly.

Every session's state is stored on the server side, and (in theory) this can be used for a DoS attack (by making millions of sessions shortly). That's why we perform an against-robots check when creating new sessions.


Pressing the button, you thereby agree the site will use a cookie as it is explained above.